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Types of Physicals we offer:

Boy Scout / Girl Scout Physicals

Camp or Camp Counselor Physicals

Child Care Provider Physicals

College or University Physicals

DOT Physicals

Insurance Physicals

Pre-employment Physicals

School Physicals

Sports Physicals

Physical Exams

We make it as convenient as possible to cross mandatory physicals off your to-do list.

Both sports leagues and summer camps require participants to receive a physical examination prior to enrollment. This measure is taken to ensure everyone is healthy enough and doesn't have any potentially harmful undiagnosed conditions.

What Our Physicals Include

  • Examine child's heart, lungs, eyes, nose, abdomen and ears

  • Test child's posture, flexibility, strength, balance and posture

  • Review child's medical history

  • Measure child's height, weight and blood pressure

At Health First Urgent Care, we accept most health insurances and ensure your visit is short, convenient and affordable. We understand the importance of youth sports and camp, and therefore, want to make sure everyone who visits our center is given the ability to get in-and-out quickly so they can enjoy their activities.

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